Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look what my sweet husband and son came home with during turkey season this year.....a very proud daddy when they killed this one. Joe told me all about the snacks he got to eat and how quiet he was. killing the turkey was just a small part of the day!!

Twins 3 y/o Beauty and Beast Birthday Party

Ok so i just recently had to check my blog to find a website and sadly realized it has been a very very long time since i fact have had Hudson and the girls just turned thought i would update a few pics. here is our beauty and the beast birthday party with belle cake...and our etsy finds of belle and cinderella figures to go on our cupcakes. we had a jumper and a few friends over and fun fun day. Hudson is 5 months old in this pic and my sister brought her new baby Corrinna for the party. She was born in February. All had a merry time!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Halloween pics...girls were two peas in a pod and Joe was supposed to be a farmer but did not cooperate- guess I should have asked him what he wanted to be. Think he would have said SpiderMan or Curious George.

Monday, October 13, 2008

6 Months Old

Hard to believe they will be 6 months tomorrow. The fog is lifting which according to all my friends with twins 6 months was a turning point. So for all of you that I have not spoken too in the past 6 months, hopefully things will be changing soon and I can actually call some of you back....just don't get your hopes up too much!!

First Football Game

We are finally getting out in public. This was the first MSU football game against SE Lousiana --of course we only went to the tailgate and then home but we all survived!!! Bronwynne loved all the attention. She just smiles at everyone as you can see. Betsy Gray is not sure of big crowds and would only let me hold her. Totally different personalities already. Joe loves the football games and cheering on the bulldogs. I really couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally we have started blogging. As much as I enjoy looking at everyone's blogs I decided that we needed to join in on the fun- plus how can I give up the opportunity to showcase my beautiful family and share in the adventure of all the blessings of life with twins!!
This is our recent beach trip to gulf shores. Joe had a great time playing with aunt lauren and uncle tom. The girls and I didn't make it to the beach much but they looked cute in their bathing suits!!